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Chemistry and elections in the devolved governments

With elections in Scotland and Wales only weeks away we take a look at what the Royal Society of Chemistry is doing to raise the profile of chemistry at Holyrood and the Senedd

Growing a business through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a particularly challenging period for SMEs, but has also created opportunities. We spoke to Professor Robert Field, co-founder and chief scientific officer of Iceni Diagnostics.

Announcing the winners of #RSCPoster 2021

This year's #RSCPoster Twitter Conference took place over a 24 hour period from 2–3 March. Today we are excited to be announcing the winners.

Behind the books – Issues in Environmental Science and Technology

To celebrate the 50th volume of one of our longest-running book series, Issues in Environmental Science and Technology (IEST), we spoke to series co-founder and editor Professor Roy Harrison about chemistry’s environmental impacts, solutions – and sending a book to Prince Charles.

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